Simple To Use

We designed ASSIST to simplify your work processes.
Once you receive a finance document that needs to be filed,
IMMEDIATELY use your smart phone to capture an image, email it in for digital storage.
No additional software application to install on your phone
• No need to collate documents for submission to your accountant later
• Your bookkeeper can review your digital submission promptly

How it Works

Snap a Photo

Simply snap a photo or scan your financial documents (Invoice/ Receipt) or prepare softcopy of them.

Supported file format: jpg, jpeg, png, pdf

Send an Email

Attach the digital files and send via email to ASSIST. This email address is customised just for your company. ASSIST receives your documents and safely stores in a secure digital filing cabinet only your organization’s approved users can access.

Manage Documents


Secured Environment

Only your registered users (we call them Tenant Admins) can login to our ASSIST Portal.


Prompt Document Retrieval

No more chasing down documents when it comes to tax reporting season.
Your documents are automatically organized according to different types (receipts, invoices etc.) for easy review.



ASSIST recognises and extracts important information fields from your financial documents.
These data elements are ready to pass to your accounting software.
No more manual data entry
Enjoy automatically extracted data


Manage your invoices and receipts in different folders
Export key data elements to CSV file

Integration with Accounting Software

Easy and Simple! We support integration with popular accounting softwares.,You can approve extracted data elements to fill into your accounting application.  Just click “Can Be Sent” command button. Data fields in your accounting software will be populated accordingly.

Trust us, you will definitely enjoy how efficient and convenient it is!

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