helps Bookkeepers​?

Your Concerns 


Spend lengthy time getting complete financial transaction documents (Receipts, Payables etc.) from business owners for recording

Mundane manual bookkeeping labour to classify transaction documents for recording.


Manual data entry prone to human error. Inaccurate reconciliation can lead to tax fines etc.


Accounting cycle time pressures

Delays in getting accurate transaction information does not allow timely accounting and understanding of business financial status.


Lead to high staff turn over

Benefits of ASSIST

Business owners / departments can quickly and conveniently upload financial transaction documents once received

Documents automatically organized according to different types (Receipts, Invoices etc.) for easy retrieval

Spend less time chasing down documents when it comes to tax reporting season.

Reduce/eliminate manual data entry for bookkeeping efforts

ASSIST system recognises document type and extracts relevant information for transferring into accounting system

Once data is verified, ASSIST system can summarize an accounting journal or export CSV file for upload to Accounting Systems.

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