What is ASSIST?


ASSIST is a document management software that keeps your financial records in order. From invoices, receipts to other business records, Assist captures data from these documents for easy extraction and reporting.

ASSIST – a smarter way to manage documents.

Our Vision:

A world where technology makes work fun, meaningful and rewarding again.’

Currently, many SMEs receive their documents in either digitized format or in hard copies. These include invoices that need to be paid on time or receipts that formed a big portion of expenses.

For business owners who want to do bookkeeping with less financial and staff efforts, ASSIST is a document management AI system that allows replacing manual work with Efficient Intelligent Automation during data entry from financial documents.

Save Time

Do not have to spend time on data entry. Concentrate on your core work. 

Accurate Data

Your personal virtual accountant will export accurate data from your financial documents. 


Very easy to use, you will be surprised how fast you can adopt our funtionalities!

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