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Smart Document Management

Transform your financial paperwork into actionable data with ease. Our AI-driven SmartDoc Entry effortlessly extracts information from invoices and receipts, streamlining document management and data entry processes.

Multilingual Mastery

Speak the language of global business. Polyglot Processing extends our data entry automation across multiple languages – from English to Vietnamese, Chinese, and various Latin languages, with more on the way!

Seamless Integration

Connect with your favorite accounting platforms in a snap. With One-Tap Integration, transferring data to Xero and QuickBooks is just a button away, simplifying your financial operations.

Data Export Simplified

Flexibility at your fingertips. ExportEase allows you to convert and download your data in CSV format, ensuring seamless access and further use across platforms and applications.

Automation Unleashed

Drive digital transformation in your business with our AutoFlow Revolution. Enable automated workflows that reduce manual tasks, boost efficiency, and pave the way for innovation.

Book Keeping AI (ASSIST)

How ASSIST works?


Snap a Photo

Snap a photo of your Receipts/Invoices or Prepare Softcopy of them. 

Send Email

Send Email to our Virtual Accountant. This Email will be customised just for your organisation.


Manage Documents

Enjoy automatically extracted data and goodbye to time-consuming works! 


Document Management Software

ASSIST is a document management software that keeps your financial records in order. From invoices, receipts to other business records, ASSIST files these documents digitally, extracts key data elements from these documents for easy review and reporting. 

ASSIST – a smarter way to manage documents. 

Our Vision: 

A world where technology makes work fun, meaningful and rewarding again.’ 

Currently, many SMEs receive their documents in either digitized format or in hard copies. These include invoices that need to be paid on time or receipts that formed a big portion of expenses.  

For business owners who want to save time managing finance and cash flow, send your documents to ASSIST as and when you receive them.  ASSIST will pick out critical data fields in the documents that are useful for supporting your business operations.  This data can be timely reviewed to help you make critical business decisions. 


Our Vision

A world where technology makes work fun, meaningful and rewarding again.


Our Mission

We increase business efficiency and employee productivity through simple and effective technology.

Features of Assist

ASSIST is simple and easy to use. You can manage your different financial documents in one place. Of course, you can simply search them by name or email when needed! NO MORE WORRIES of LOSING YOUR DOCUMENT! 

Secured Environment

Only your registered users (we call them Tenant Admins) can login to ASSIST Portal.



ASSIST recognises and extracts important information fields from your financial documents.
These data elements are ready to pass to your accounting software.
No more manual data entry
Enjoy automated data entry


Prompt Document Retrieval

No more chasing down documents when it comes to tax reporting season.
Your documents are automatically organized according to different types (receipts, invoices etc.) for easy review.


Manage your invoices and receipts in different folders
Export key data elements to CSV file

Integration with Accounting Software

Easy and Simple! We support integration with popular accounting softwares.,You can approve extracted data elements to fill into your accounting application.  Just click “Can Be Sent” command button. Data fields in your accounting software will be populated accordingly.

Trust us, you will definitely enjoy how efficient and convenient it is!

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